Minisu Robot Camera
Minisu Robot Camera
Minisu Robot Camera

Minisu Robot Camera

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Finally... Leave Your Home Without Have to Worry Your Children & Elderly!

Minisu Robot Camera is the answer for your long term worry! With this latest Japanese technology, you can now check your home in full HD real time & monitor literally ANY PART OF YOUR HOUSE!

Unlike old school surveillance camera that is position fix, Minisu Robot Camera is flexible and portable. Put it at any corner that you want and it can view the whole area wide angle! 

Minisu surveillance is connected to your smartphone. Be it Android, IOS, Windows phone etc, Minisu is fully compatible to any modern smartphone! You can watch your love ones just with your phone hassle free.

Moreover, it doesn't need to be charged - Just plug to any power source nearby and connect to your home wifi, you will instantly have a silent guardian at home. :)

What if There Is A Break In & You Aren't Monitoring?

No worries, this little robot is wayyyy clever than you can imagine. Their motion sensoring mode will detect ANY moving objects and send you a message if they find any... You will always be alerted if your elderly parents fall or some uninvited guests break in at night.

Full Product Specification

  1. Smart Dual Talking - Able to communicate via Minisu & listen to what is happening there.
  2. Smart night vision for night surveillance
  3. Real time display & Full HD resolution
  4. Motion Auto Tracking - You can set custom auto protection area, when someone gets in, you will receive a warning message. The camera will follow that moving object until it falls out of surveillance range.
  5. Echo elimination & noise reduction technology - Perfect for dual duplex audio effect
  6. Easy wifi connection - One step connecting internet
  7. Picture capturing available - Fully controlled with your smartphone
  8. Video storage & Play Back available
  9. Dimension - 65 * 105mm
  10. Lens - 3.6MM
  11. Weight - 300 gram