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Garden Genie
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Garden Genie

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Gardening Has Never Been This Easy!

  • SAFE & DURABLE : 4 claws made with durable ABS plastic and other part of the gloves is made with high-quality of rubber, which is safe for your skin.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MORE: the gloves are extremely lightweight and stretchable, which is fit most women and men.
  • BREATHABLE TECHNOLOGY : breathable nylon on the back of the gloves can reduce sweating, keeping your hand cool. So you can wear these garden gloves for hours even in hot summer.
  • PROTECT YOUR HAND WELL: High quality protective rubber prevents accidental cuts, scratches and puncture.
  • NO NEED FOR OTHER GARDEN TOOL: The design of 4 claws on the right hand is great help for digging and planting. You can finish your planting just with this pair of gloves.
  • 90% Latex / 10% Nylon
  • Gloves contain natural rubber latex
  • Fully Waterproof and Flexible design

    These new Garden Genie Gloves make gardening fun and easy. With built in claws for digging, planting and raking, these garden gloves are a one step solution to your gardening tasks.


    The gloves are puncture resistant and the claws are made with durable ABS plastic to protect your fingers and hands. Garden Genie Gloves rinse clean keeping your hands dry and clean. Garden the quick and easy way with Garden Genie Gloves. Gloves contain protective latex.

    The gloves are made of a high-tech flexible material that protects you from a variety of potentially harmful factors like thorns, edges, or extreme moisture exposure. They also have built-in claws that provide the abilities related to traditional gardening instruments like hand trowels and rakes. With the other non clawed hand you can grab and hold plants while the clawed hand does all the "dirty" work.

    Makes digging, planting, grading and raking fast and easy. High density plastic claws instantly replace hand tools. Durable and puncture resistant to protect your hands - prevents cuts and blisters.