"When treating a bunion, we shouldn’t treat all your toes… We need to treat your big toes only.”
“Re-aligning your big toes is the key to healing a bunion”
“This ‘adjustment’ instantly re-aligns your toes back to natural position”
“Which allows the user to stand and walk in a correct and healthy posture”
“At the same time, it realigns pelvic bone as well, encouraged all of the thigh muscles to be used evenly, corrected our legs posture.”
“I put it on while walking and what happened next was a miracle! I felt like I had just gotten a 2-hour toes massage.”
“My toes naturally straightened. The bunion pain vanished within minutes. By day 3, I could walk as long as I wanted to.”
“After a week, I can go back to the studio and start practicing again.”
“After 2 weeks, I felt like a new person. I could practice dancing ballet all day long.”
“Now I have the freedom to do the things I love, pain-free”